Thursday, May 31, 2012

87. On the River

On the River
8x10 oil/linen

This was about an hour's effort, and I was determined to keep it sketchy and free.... This photo doesn't do it justice, but I have to run out, and don't have time to try to get a better one. So there...
What doesn't seem to show up in the photo are nice areas of very thin transparent paint - mostly in the darkest areas, which adds a nice feel next to the thicker opaque color...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cows and Angry Rocks

After painting like mad, and finally shipping off the paintings for my Keene, NH show, I took the day off and went on a hike and run  through some territory we haven't explored yet.  It was real pretty country.. the range cattle are back, and the new calves are everywhere. I just thought  you might like to see them - running and jumping as babies do.
At the very end of the short video, Momma cow calls one of the calves back.. the black angus calf that turns back and answers her... soooo precious.

And, then, there was the angry rock....

and just for "art content" here are a few sketches I did while waiting at the Dr.'s office...
it was  from some sport magazine.. which figures, since it was the physical therapy office.... I hate just "waiting". Sketching with a pen mean no erasing!   Good practice for careful observation and measuring....

I have a week of  out of town plein air painting planned for next week. I will be without access to the computer (gasp!!)
so won't be updating till I return, but hopefully will have some new paintings to show for it!

So I usually bring a sketchbook with me...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

86. Dandelion Wishes

10x10 oil/linen

 One of the things I consider when putting people in my landscapes is how to make the painting
"universal".  Unless it is a specific portrait of somebody, then I think figures need to represent
a life experience to which we can all relate.  
Many times you will notice I put such figures facing away, or otherwise not a straight on view of the face.. this also helps to "symbolize" something with the figure rather than portray an individual person.

This little girl making a wish and blowing the dandelion fluff is, to me, a rite of spring.. the dandelions seem to be just about the first thing that pops up in the yard. Haven't we all done this? Right now, our yard (if you can call it that since its mostly just a pine forest clearing) is full of beautiful yellow dandelion flowers and white seed pods.... Personally, I love them and am happy to let them grow.  I have a 'dandelion garden" behind the chicken coop where it is wetter and they grow large... the hens love them, and I go out and pick a handful of leaves for them every morning.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

85. Wren and Cherry Blossoms

9x12 oil/linen

For a seeming simple subject, this one had me pulling my hair out.   I still think a few adjustments are in order, but I need to let it "rest" for awhile.   My neighbor's cherry trees are blooming.  There's just nothing that says "spring" like cherry blossoms and apple blossoms.  He also has apple trees.. I wanted to plant some last fall, but time got away.. maybe this year I can do that...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

84. And So It Begins.....

8x10 oil/linen

Today's painting of this little roper-in-training is just for practice, done in the spirit of the daily, ie, about an hour and a half.  I mostly just wanted to capture that great morning sun, and the light glowing through his too-big cowboy hat.  
Looks like he has his sights set on something to wrangle with that rope.   I wonder if we panned out if we would see all the barnyard critters scattering in self defense!