Monday, October 31, 2011

14. Checkin' on the Herd

Checkin' on the Herd 9x12 oil/linen

Today's effort is perhaps a little more of a finished painting rather than an exercise. Why?   Well, a couple of reasons.
1.  Mainly because I just wanted to paint this!
2. The gallery is asking for western horse images - so it was a chance to practice some of the edge control in a more completed work, and at the same time meet that obligation.  
I allowed a little more time than an hour.. probably more like 2, for this.  The objective was to use purposeful brushstrokes,and not get bogged in detail...hard to do on a subject like this because all those little parts of the saddle just scream for attention.  I think it is sufficient, what do you say?

13. Adjusting Stirrups

Adjusting   Stirrups 5x7 oil /panel

Sometimes you gotta paint something just because you love it. I love this image - I think it might be a riding lesson, or perhaps just a new rider, and the stirrups weren't quite right.  The pony waits patiently while the instructor gets everything set just right .  The back lighting was probably what really attracted me... I especially love the way the light pours through that pony's tail. Painting something back lit requires very subtle changes in value - the back lit object is almost a silhouette but there are slight changes in tone to depict the form.... but not much.
Did you know that there are really very few white horses?  Most of what we would call a "white" horse is really a gray - it has to do with the color of their skin under their coat.  Take that and use it in conversation this week!