Sunday, October 16, 2011

4 Green Creamer and Peach

4. Green Creamer and Peach
oil/panel 5x7  45 min.

Okay so it's a fairly simple subject, but I wanted to concentrate, as usual, on laying down intentional pieces of color, rather than willy nilly putting something down or "licking" the canvas by repeatedly brushing one area over and over.  Sorry, there's a bit of glare on the photo.
Things I was trying to keep in mind:
cool light/warm shadows
opaque vs. transparent
edges - soft, hard, and lost
intentional brushstrokes.

I think overall, this one is okay.. I stopped from overworking it, though I'm still finding I do not enjoy working this small... but I don't have any other size panels right now.

Random thought:  New Mexico is a free range state, meaning that ranchers have access (by lease agreement) with almost any public lands. We live adjacent to national forest. The law is that if you don't want cattle on your property, fence them out.  I looked out this morning, and there are cow patties on my patio.  I just wonder, what are they looking for on my patio? Silly cows.....


Deb said...

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kZ said...

Excited to follow your newest pursuit Deb! Godspeed!

Jan F. said...

Enjoying your journey so far!