Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 Any Container Will Do

#2 Any Container Will Do
oil/panel 5x7 

Okay then, second one down.  The main object with this one was to try to see the colors in that can. (I think it was a can of pinto beans. Admit it, you were curious)  The more I looked, the more colors there were. Rather fun, actually.  Metal in general, and especially this steel can, usually has sharp edges of reflections and color changes, so blending was at a minimum.  The mantra was: "see a color, mix it, lay it down. See the next color, mix it, lay it down."
My other objective was to AVOID drawing little lines for the rings around the can. I think that part worked.

This is thicker paint than I'm used to, and I still wanted to get more darks in the flowers than I have. But it was time to stop!

I'm leaving this afternoon for one more day of painting at Ghost Ranch.  Weather looks good!


Bill Sharp said...

you're off to a raging start. I love these first two pieces

Caroled said...

What a great painting to start the day.... wonderful reflections...

alotter said...

But why avoid the little indentures around the can? Just a few shadows stroked on here and there would have made it read better as a tin can. But I love what you are doing. Forget the banjo, paint!