Tuesday, November 15, 2011

27. Some Kids Bring Home Puppies.......

The Little Runt Pig 7x7 oil/paper

... but not this kid!  How would you like to see one of your young 'uns show up at the front door with this little bundle?  Actually, this is a photo of a friend of mine, Jenna,  who grew up on a family farm.  She hasn't changed a bit. She was caring for the poor little critters then, and she's doing it now.  

I was having a real "off" day today as far as painting goes. I always wonder why that happens. It's like you woke up and forgot how to paint.  I don't think my dad ever got up one morning and forgot how to do his job, but it seems to happen to me with painting now and again. Anyway, after a whole day of frustration and failure, Jenna sent me some pics, this one among them.  I loved this image so much that I put everything else away and painted - it's just a small sketch I know, and could actually use a bit more work, but I had the biggest grin the whole time I was painting because this image is just so darn cute.    So, thanks, Jenna! You saved the day!