Tuesday, December 20, 2011

43. Star of Wonder

Star of Wonder 9x12 oil/panel

I just thought today about those Shepherds out watching their flocks of sheep the night that Jesus was born.
They saw the star, the angels and heard the message of the baby's birth, mostly because they were out there, outside, watching the night sky.
So, what if the Savior had been born in a different place and time?  Maybe it would have been somebody like this to see that Star.  Some ol' cowpoke, just watching the herd. 
Well, if was fun thinking about.
On a "painting" note, I found that painting moonlight meant two t hings.
1. all colors are practically gone.  They all fade to a greenish gray.
2. It's not as easy as that.
There should be no warm colors under moonlight, and though my photo seems to show a bit more warn tones than is actually there, just remember that in  painting moonlight scenes, use colors from the cool side of the spectrum.. For example, instead of cadmium yellow, use yellow ochre. Instead of cad read, use alizarin... But almost everything is mixed with ultramarine to cool it even further and lower the value as well...

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, full of joy and peace and hope!


Fay Terry said...

Beautiful! I love what you wrote, also. Deb, I have been missing your blog-this is the first post I have received in months and I was wondering where you were. When I got the post about the Austrian museum show, I came to your blog and see that you have been doing even more lovely paintings. I will re-subscribe and hopefully start getting them again. I hope the JOY of Christmas remains in your heart forever.


Now this is as COOL as COOL can be COOL!!!! Very nice work - it certainly does make one think.

HELENE said...

Great feel to this one.