Monday, October 24, 2011

9. All About Orange

5x7, oil/panel

Back from our trip to the Grand Canyon... wowee, wow, wow, is all I can say... amazing!!! I didn't have any time to paint, but you can bet I sure did want to!
Here's today's little daily - just working on edges. That's it - no big painterly explanation!!
Thanks for looking.


Caroled said...

Really love those oranges... love those edges!!! Are you familiar with the blog Postcards from Provence?

Judy said...

I've decided to try the challenge and have done 6 so far.I'm trying to do no blending--hard for me. Are you putting each stroke on white surface-or doing a general light and shadow and then modifying?

Suggestion for a cheap surface--canvas paper taped to a cardboard. Works fine and very cheap. I use it for studies all the time. Or use canvas taped to a board and then mount the finished good ones.