Thursday, June 14, 2012

89. Helping Grandpa

Helping Grandpa
8x10 oil/linen panel

I gave myself a limited time to do this one,  on purpose to try to keep things sketchy....
I did like the thought of this old guy and his young grandson "helping" him... How often do we say to our childrend or grandchildren, "wanna come help me?" and really, we are doing all the work, we're just letting them be a part.   And that's important stuff.  Worthy of a painting, I thought!


Troy said...

I love this painting - is this for sale? It reminds me of when I "helped" my grandpa and I'd love to buy and frame this for him. I don't need an original but I'd be interested in buying the print if possible.

Deb said...

Thank you Troy. I sent you an email in answer to your question.