Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not exactly dailies, but....

 These are not daily paintings.. slightly more complicated than I usually do in a daily, but it actually didn't take me much longer than that... But with these larger ones, I tend to spend lots of time just staring at them and thinking.  
Never underestimate the value of looking at your painting and deciding what to do next... look at it in a mirror, look at it upside down, just look at it... Sometimes I spend as much time looking as I do painting!

The first is a morning light scene, called Dawn Patrol.   I like coyotes.  They are survivalists - they can adapt to almost any environment. We hear them nightly here at our house... yip, yip, yip!   Drives our dogs nuts.

Dawn Patrol
oil/linen 12x16

And here's my favorite song about coyotes, and the west in general, actually....

The second painting is evening light. Seems I managed to do two paintings and bookend the daylight...
Notice that late day shadows are "dirtier" - not as clear as the morning shadows.. maybe because of the accumulated dust in the air... Morning light is cooler, can be pinkish, or a clear yellow. Evening light is a warm red, and in the last daylight hour, that light is so powerful as to overtake the natural color of everything, and it all becomes tinged with red. It has to do with the refraction of light, but don't ask me to explain it.
So, here is "A Yearling for His Son" (title changed from previous)

A Yearling for His Son
oil/linen 16x20



Both pieces are beautiful!!! You are a very talented painter - you have a great mix between detail and semi loose - very nice.

Have you taken the gallery search walk on Canyon Rd yet???!!!!!

Judy P. said...

These look great Deb, and thanks for the explanation of light. I'm just catching up on blogs now, I've been behind for weeks; why are you moving this blog, by the way?