Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gotta make more panels!

a row of dailies on masonite panel

Just thought ya'll might get a kick out of seeing the daily paintings as they are before I cut them. Normally, the panels are cut to size first, but didn't have the right blade for our table saw.  I had this sheet of prepared masonite, and marked off several 5x7 panels (and one oddball size)....
Sorry about the color... this was under incandescent light, which is just all wrong for real color.
Bought another sheet of masonite today, and will be priming and cutting that down to panels this week....

Friend and fellow artist Judy Palmero suggested I describe how I make these panels. Here's a link to that  from my other blog, :making painting panels  and a link to Judy's blog   

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LBerry said...

Nice work. Thanks for the pannel making link. Curious how did the dailies on one peice turn out after cut? (does it ever rip into the work at all?)