Thursday, November 10, 2011

23. B is for Bear

B is for Bear  7x7 oil/panel

Our power went out in the middle of the night and was not back on until just a few minutes ago.  I can paint by natural light, of course, so this wouldn't stop me from working..  We have a gas stove, so I could even heat water to make coffee in the french press we use for camping.  Coffee and a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and I'm good to go!

However, the studio room I have is a really small spare bedroom.  The corner in which my easel is set up is sort of dark and I always use an easel light so I can see the palette.  I didn't have that today, so thought I should paint something simple, with big simple shapes and colors that wouldn't be too tricky to manage since seeing the colors on my palette was kinda hard.

This is my granddaughter's teddy bear, bought on a trip to Colorado some years back.  The little Fisher Price figure (remember those?) I found when doing some remodeling at our old house.  

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