Monday, November 21, 2011

31. Three Running Horses

Three Running Horses 8x8 oil/panel

I am sick today. So I thought I should keep it simple and paint just one thing.. well, okay, two if you count the feather.  Normally, I'd probably had painted this pot, let it dry, and then glazed on the design. But I wanted to do this alla prima.  I liked painting the feather though.
Maybe I just should've stayed in bed. :-)


Judy P. said...

Wow, but the design looks glazed on, and there's so much depth to this. The texture of the feather is really great; love that bold highlight on the vase!
You're going to run right over the 120 count at this rate!

Pat Burns said...

If you can do this when you are sick, I want your germs!