Monday, November 28, 2011

33. Copper Creamer and Rose

Copper Creamer and Rose 6x8 oil/panel

Today I've got lots of "stuff" to do, so I concentrated on making a quick study with purposeful brushstrokes and simple subject matter.  Roses drive me nuts, so I'm not sure why I picked that today...I had a bit of trouble photographing this - the overall color is still sort of "off" - the inside of the creamer is not that blue - but I just couldn't get it right, and I gotta run!  
I've been working more than usual from photographs, and really, I prefer to work from life, and it is better study to do so.  

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Judy P. said...

Your quick studies have such an accuracy to them, in terms of form modeling and values and edges. It makes me think I have to draw more, because it takes me too long to just measure the form correctly.
Back to the drawing board!