Friday, December 16, 2011

42. Connie's Cabin, plein air

Connie's Cabin, 8x10

Real quick, because Steve is waiting on me to go out for our run this morning. This was done very quickly (again, because he was waiting) maybe 30-40 min. looking out our window at my neighbor's cabin. It's a great view both morning and evening. 
There was so much glare coming in our big south facing windows that I absolutely could not see, sometimes wasn't even sure what color I was putting down, so I just trowled on the paint with th e palette knife to get the feel of it, and left it as is, pretty rough, but it was fun trowling on paint for a change! :-)



LOVE IT!!! The looseness is FANTASTIC!!!! An excellent example of "Less is More."

Pat Burns said...

Crisp and cold... love it! Your recent cowboys are wonderful, too. We are having very mild weather and are taking advantage of it...planting fruit & nut trees, berries, asparagus and other winter outside chores while it's nice. Our turn for bitter cold will come!

Judy P. said...

Really great, bold strokes, that describe the different textures so well!

HELENE said...

Love the freshness of this one too.
Looks like home (NH)