Tuesday, December 6, 2011

37. Iconic Cowboy

Iconic Cowboy 11x14 oil/panel

Today's is a little larger;, 11x14, because I wanted more room to "move" with the brush.  And okay, because I have a couple of 11x14 frames that'll work.
The aim was to get a sense of brilliant sun.  One of my favorite artists is  Winslow Homer, and he had a way of creating this sense of really bright sun by actually darkening the sky and landscape - which seems rather counter intuitive, but he sure made it work.   So I thought I'd go for rich color everywhere, a slightly darker sky, and anything in the sunlight is infused with a cad yellow to create a sense of  warm sunlight.
This was an old historic black and white photo of a real cowboy - he seems to me to epitomize what that was.   

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