Wednesday, February 22, 2012

61. Under a Texas Sky

5x5 oil/panel

This is a little one today, only 5 inches square... and dont ever think that smaller is easier!  It's not.. especially when you don't have brushes made for small sizes! I've been working bigger, so I did have a few moments of swearing trying to get my big brushes to work on this tiny panel.   

Anytime there is bright sunlight, you're going to have reflected light. That can be the thing that really pulls a painting together.. In this little study, check the white portions of this longhorn steer's coat.  There is the white in sunlight, then the white in shadow, and then there is also the white that has reflected light from the grass bouncing back up to it. Can you see that?
Try adding some reflected light and color in your next painting!

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Once again beautiful work and soooo small!!!! BRAVO. It has a touch of looseness in it that I just love.