Friday, October 14, 2011

3. Chirp!

3. Chirp!! 
oil/panel 5x7, little more than an hour.

This one had me almost swearing as I had some specific goals in mind which just weren't happening. What I really wanted to try was to use very slight changes of color and temperature to make the form turn on that fat little ceramic bird, (Isn't he a hoot? He makes me laugh)  This is not the usual way I work, as I tend to find an average shadow color and an average light color, and put those down flat, and then finesse the edges between them and add any reflected light or highlights.
I guess when you try new things, you can't expect  to succeed 100% of the time.  I should know that, I'm also trying to learn the banjo and it DEFINITELY doesn't happen all at once!
I see several things I'd like to change on this one, but I spent my allotted time, plus a little, so I'll move on to the next thing!

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