Wednesday, October 19, 2011

6. Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer 5x7 oil/panel

I didn't have much time today to do a daily, and didn't start this one till after supper.  Been painting for an upcoming show and just need to finish up the last details of a big still life, which, by the way, contains this same Brandy bottle.  I didn't really have any big plans for this one, just to keep the process going, and thought it'd be fun to paint the glass. Glass can have some really interesting abstract shapes, and if you just concentrate and  paint what you see (with careful observation) it'll usually come out looking like glass.
A couple of observations.
Glass is best painted wet into wet, with fluid strokes. After all, glass is fluid.
Using brushstrokes that follow the form is necessary, especially on the side where light is coming from.
Anything transluscent, like glass, is actually lighter on the side AWAY from the light, because light travels through and refracts on the far edge.

 And lastly, it's best to wait till the painting is finished if you are going to consume the props!!

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Fay Terry said...

This is very nice and I really like the muted background color as it helps the top of the bottle stand out well.