Monday, October 17, 2011

5. Two Feathers

Two Feathers, 5x7 oil/panel

Today's experiment was about textures - which of course means edges.  Shiny pot, sharp reflections, quick color changes... the little pot (which by the way was made by a local Jemez Pueblo artisan) is matte, so no highlights, soft color changes and transitions into shadow.  And the feathers of course,, fluffy and soft and then a "hard" wing feather (believe both of these are turkey).  
This 5x7 is just too small to be working for such small details on the feather.  

And, you know how when you drop a piece of bread it always lands jelly side down?  I dropped this painting, and of course, it landed paint side down.   The damage wasn't as bad as I would have thought, but I did have to repaint the fluffy feather.  It was better before the fall.  
Hmmm... there's a philosophical thought.....

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Pat Burns said...

Congrats on FASO's 'Informed Collector', Deb! It led me here and I'm excited about what you are doing. I'm booked with commissions up to the end of the year, but will follow you and jump in when I can. I'm anxious to experiment and learn, too!
Are your studies going to be for sale?