Monday, November 14, 2011

26. Old Cowboy

Times Have Changed..... 8x10 oil/panel

Today's challenge was to see if I could take a black and white photo, and insert my own color.  I could probably do this without much problem on most subjects.   Turns out this photo had REALLY WEIRD LIGHTING.. that I didn't notice till I got to working.  There is the obvious shadow from his hat, and the sunlight hitting his face on the right... but there was also BOTTOM LIGHTING -  like light bouncing up from something and hitting the under surfaces of his face, and then there appeared to be slight rim lighting too.. it was all way confusing... But it's all good practice!!!

By the way I should mention that most of these dailies are for sale at very reasonable prices, unframed.  Here's a link to the folder on my website  to see all of them.  Because some are in a gallery framed, and some are for sale directly from me unframed, I do not have prices listed.  If it says "available" then its, uh, available! And if there's a red dot on it, then it is (happily) already sold.  :-)