Monday, March 12, 2012

68. All Boarded Up

All Boarded Up, 5x7

This project was started so I could explore some new ways of putting paint down. It seems to have morphed into more than that, so today I thought I should get back to the "roots" of this and just have fun laying paint down... This was very quickly done, maybe 45 min. (hey, supper was on the stove!) and I was trying out yet another panel from artist friend Catherine. This one has a nice matte surface, but no absorption, and was nice to paint on. Normally, on a building, I'd use a knife, but the smooth panel with no texture doesn't lend itself so much to scraping with a knife... plus the small size.. so I just used brushes.

Painting tip for today.. snow is never white.  Find a mix to be the "local color" of the snow, and then select your color for the shadow and the areas in sunlight.   My local color was a mix of ultramarine and a tiny tiny hint of alizarin.   the shadows were a darker mix of that, and the light is white with a whisper of cad yellow light.
oh, and here's today's painting along with a couple of others... compare size.. my poor little studio is so small and crowded....

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Judy P. said...

This is really a gem, so much distance and mood said, on a little canvas. I should try seeing how much I can 'say' on on those little paintings I struggle with - small size is no excuse!
How was that race last weekend? Hope you had decent weather!